Burners play an integral role in a huge range of industries and, for the most part, go unnoticed. From the food we eat, to the water we drink and wash in, to the way our homes are warmed, and the systems that keep our daily lives running – burners are often overlooked for the important functions they carry out. The team at TBS is well aware of how powerful these burners are, and work closely with customers across many industries to equip teams with burners that will enable their specific work and processes to continue in a manner that is reliable, efficient, and effective.


Burners for spray booths

TBS has the staff, equipment and know-how required to assist with spray booth burner needs across every industry.


Burners for baking ovens

Whether it’s a domestic oven or a large commercial oven, TBS can work with you to install and maintain the burners required to keep baking operations running smoothly.

Spray dryer

The wide range of burners in TBS’s catalogue means there’s a fit for every spray drying need, large or small.


With roasters playing a foundation role in many industries, including food, pharmaceutical, industrial and coffee, ensuring the right burner for the job is at work is a non-negotiable

Water heating

Hot water is a given in our modern society, and life without it can put a pause to many daily activities. Hot water is also integral to many industrial processes and outcomes. The correct water heating burner for the application’s needs is crucial, and TBS have the tools to help.

Air heating

Air heating burners have a wide scope of applications, including the heating of fresh air for makeup applications, uses in ovens and dryers, the drying of paint or fabric, metal smelting, and so on. No matter the industry, TBS can evaluate, install and maintain the burner required for the task.


With the attitude of ‘no job too large’, TBS can assist in the creation and installation of custom-designed incineration systems that fall within all guidelines and industry requirements.

Not only will TBS work directly with you on an individual level to understand your burner needs, they’ll also oversee a smooth installation process and ensure your company is equipped with the burners they require for the task at hand. TBS can also be trusted as a reliable source of ongoing support throughout all maintenance and repair needs.

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