The Tru-Steam Water Tube Boilers have an output range from small capacity up to large capacity of saturated superheated steam (implying the temperature is above the Boiling point). The Tru-Steam Water Tube Boilers can use any type of fuel (Oil, Gas, Wood, Agricultural Waste, Coal etc). Fluctuating prices of fuel can raise or lower the cost to produce steam. Having the choice between different fuels gives the option of burning the most economic fuel.

Tru-Steam Water Tube Boilers combine and proven qualities of the 2-durm “D” type construction with the outstandingly successful concept of package construction. This is the most common type of small – medium sized boiler, similar to the one shown in the schematic diagram. It is used in both stationary and marine applications.

The D Type water tube boiler is one of the most efficient boiler designs available on the market today. The tube layout is conservatively designed, it is coupled with a large top drum, which provides superior efficiency.
Design quality is of the highest concern, our dedication is to abide to the ISO9001-2000 standards.
Our goal as a business is to provide optimum boiler design at a competitive price, based on the area of boiler installation utilising maximum power output.
All steam boilers are built compliant with all relevant boiler design codes, AS2593 – Boilers – Limited & Unattended, AS1228 – Water Tube Boilers and AS1210 – SAA Unfired Pressure Vessel Code, and most international standard codes, ASME, JIS, ASNZ and B.S.
Package Boilers

With all package boiler designs we can include an economiser or air pre-heaters to increase the efficiency of the boiler as required.

Instrumentation & Controls are available from a standard setup to a complete / full setup which includes DCS, all which are PLC Based Systems.

• “D” type configuration for simplicity
• Fin tube water walls for low maintenance
• Large steam and water drums for steam purity and good access
• Large combustion chamber for long life and high efficiency
• Large bore tubes for ruggedness and dependability
• Proven reliability
• Conservative heat transfer rates
• Total package responsibility
• Complete accessibility for maintenance and inspection
• Double gas seal casing

Each water tube boiler includes two drums, a large steam drum vertically connected to a smaller water drum (i.e. mud drum) via multiple steam-generating tubes, producing steam at 150 psi. (A boiler is rated by how many kilos of steam it produces per hour (kg/hr.) These are surrounded by walls made up of larger water filled tubes, which make up the furnace.

The ‘D’ Type package steam generating system is designed and equipped for safe, fully automatic operation without the need of a skilled operator. The degree of supervision depends only on the requirements of the relevant authorities.

Tru-Steam Research and Development engineers have designed the “D” Type Water Tube with the highest industry safety standards in mind.

How the “D” Type Water Tube Works

Tru-Steam uses a “D” type configuration of the drums and tube assembly, the overwhelming advantages of this “D” type boiler design with its fast positive circulatory pattern; accessibility and simplicity have resulted in it being chosen by almost every major manufacturer of package water tube boilers in the world.

The location of the steam drum over the convection tubes in the Tru-Steam “D” type prevents the steam drum from ever being exposed to the radiant heat of combustion. In addition, Tru-Steam “D” Type Boilers are fitted with a heat shield to prevent the hot product of combustion from ever coming in contact with the steam drum.

Type “D” configuration decreases the number of tube bends allowing the use of larger radius bends, factors which guarantee low maintenance and a longer life of the product.

Mini D unattended Boilers

Tru-Steam has been a leader in unattended operation technology for more than 30 years. Each “Mini-D” boiler is designed and equipped to comply with the Australian Standards for Unattended and Limited Attendance Boiler Code AS2593.

The “Mini- D” is a package water tube boiler of the “D” Type Design with fully sealed Fin Tube water wall construction.

Tru-Steam water tube boilers are available for use with any type of fuel or any heat transfer application.

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