TBS – M8 (Mark 8)

New improved technology to record and help lower all your emissions.

Key Features & Developments

  • 12.1” full colour multi touch capacitive screen and HMI, including HD graphics
  • Ability to add and delete commissioning points (maximum of 20 points)- this allows the system to be commissioned from low to high fire for process applications and improved fine tuning of any points on the combustion curve
  •  The commissioning process now includes a graph to show the fuel/air curve and transition between points- this shows position of the fuel/air servomotors and linearity
  • A 1,000 entry log to show any transitional states (burner on/off, variation in setpoint, lockout)
  •  Separate 128 lockout screen
  • Operational settings are now viewed in dedicated blocks (burner management, MM control, EGA, sequencing) to make commissioning that little bit quicker
  • Upload company logo and contact details into the display
  • Full expansion board for complete boiler control (not only burner management)- this is effectively similar to a PLC, so the complete boiler management is now done through the single controller
  • 15 First Out Annunciation safety inputs that can be labelled for the relevant hardware (high/low gas pressure, low water, low DA tank, etc)
  •  Water level control, internal or analogue from existing controls
  • Steam flow metering, heat flow metering and gas flow metering
  • Surface blowdown and TDS management (total dissolved solids)- this is based on conductivity in the boiler (ppm or micro Siemens) and is a fully modulating system
  • Bottom blowdown management- this is timed and based on firing rate over the previous period, i.e. reduced blowdown losses


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