Burners for spray booths

Gas burners are an integral part of spray booth operations. Throughout the paint spraying process, fuel is ejected via the burner’s gas nozzle. A flame is then formed once the electric spark is ignited. As this flame burns in a stainless steal heat exchange, thermal energy is created. Temperatures within the spray booth can then be controlled to reach a predetermined value required for the spray booth’s purpose.

Burners for the spray booth industry

Spray booths are integral to many industrial purposes as they confine the application of potentially hazardous materials to a controlled environment with restricted access, which is of great importance when working in any number of application environments where a potentially harmful chemical or material is in use. They’re also integral in the prevention of dangerous overspray through containing the amount, flow and scope of material sprayed at any one moment. Through the way they control the mixture of air and fuel, they also remove the potential for damaging combustible contamination. Finally, they’re also efficient in providing a clean environment for painting to occur within, removing the chance of dirt or other substances from mixing in with the paint and resulting in a sub-standard product. These factors are of great importance across many different industries that use spray booths as a norm.

Spray booths are used in a wide variety of industries. Used in the painting of cars and other vehicles, spray booths are also widely used to paint structures, buildings, furniture, white goods, ships and aircraft, and a wide range of other machinery. However, spray painting can be a dangerous endeavour, so health and safety precautions and procedures are of paramount importance in ensuring a solid and reliable process that results in great products and safe and healthy employees.

Burner Installation, Service & Repairs

TBS can fulfil your spray booth needs through their range of burners and intimate familiarity with the ins and outs of spray booth requirements. Through their decades of combined experience, TBS has equipped companies throughout a range of industries with the tools they need to get the job done reliably, efficiently, and safely.

Maintenance for Burners

Beyond a successful installation, TBS continues to value the end customer’s ongoing experience and product satisfaction. They will remain on call for any spray booth burner repair or maintenance requirements post-installation. By working directly with their clients, TBS are able to cater to spray booth burner requirements large and small and across a range of industries and applications.

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