Tru-Steam Boilers & Services Pty Ltd. Provides service and support throughout Australia on several levels from casual support though to 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency support. Tru-Steam Boilers service department offers fully qualified and experienced electrical and mechanical technicians for routing maintenance. With a presence in major cities of Australia, Tru-Steam can offer same day service and support for most situations. All technicians are prepared with the necessary equipment to perform routine services and have workshop inventory of spare parts at hand.

Periodical Boiler Service

5 weekly service on Unattended operation water tube type boilers as per AS2593 (services by a qualified maintenance contractor on boilers up to and including 10MW and maximum pressure of 6 MPa).

3 monthly service carried out on limited attendance operation Fire Tube Boilers up to 5MW or maximum pressure 2.5 MPa, this service required an accredited boiler attendant. We carry out an extensive 54 point check on all periodical service, regardless of the type of boiler. Prior to any works a JSA (job safety analysis) is conducted.

Annual Boiler Inspection Service

This is a mandatory yearly service under AS/NZ3788. TBS provides an annual boiler inspection service all across Australia, including all states; NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT, WA, SA, NT and TAS. The boiler is opened up, a third party inspector carries out the analysis, the boiler is thoroughly checked and overhauled accordingly. Contact us today if your boiler requires an annual boiler service.

Boiler Refurbishment

Boiler overhauling is something to consider if your boiler has become inefficient or is not working properly. There are a range of different reasons why refurbishing boilers is a necessary process. Often it is because boilers have to perform their duties constantly and are not operated as per the manufactures instructions at all times. Also, when makeshift repairs are made with good intentions, further problems generally arise down the track.

Boiler Design

Boilers come in a range of different designs to suit different applications for both the residential and commercial market. When it comes to boiler design, advancements over the years has meant that today’s boilers are more cost effective and more efficient in their processes. They are also safer to operate and easier to use.

Boiler Spare Parts

We stock a wide variety of boiler spare parts, we distribute nationally across Australia and also internationally in the South Pacific including Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu & Samoa. We supply spare parts as well as provide a boiler repair service.


Boiler Service

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Boiler Inspections

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Boiler Refurbishment

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Boiler Spare Parts

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