Boiler Design

Boilers come in a range of different designs to suit different applications for both the residential and commercial market. When it comes to boiler design, advancements over the years has meant that today’s boilers are more cost effective and more efficient in their processes. They are also safer to operate and easier to use.

Depending on the application for the boiler, whether it be for drying, sterilisation, heating or power generation will impact on the boiler design which is best suited for that purpose.

When designing a boiler some of the major considerations include:

  • How to produce steam using the least amount of fuel
  • Minimising the need for operator supervision of the boiler
  • Meeting all safety standards
  • Heat source
  • The output of steam required
  • The steam conditions needed
  • Cost
  • Strength and appropriateness of materials used to construct boiler

Then there are the accessories which are also important. They include things like superheaters, feed pumps, air pre-heaters and economizers.

Boiler Efficiency and capacity

When searching for the right boiler design in Sydney, you need to take into consideration two important factors, the efficiency and the capacity of the boiler and how it will meet your needs.

Efficiency: This terms refers to steam boilers and the amount of heat that is absorbed by the boiler when generating steam.

Capacity: This is the boiler’s “Horse Power, Kilowatt, Mega Watts”

It’s the relationship between efficiency and capacity that is often taken into account during the boiler design process and the purchasing process of boilers as well.

Multiple Fuel Sources

One of the main advancements when it comes to boilers is the capacity for them to use a number of different fuel sources. This means that different fuel types can be changed when needed to improve profitability and to avoid energy wastage. If you are looking for a boiler design in Riverina for your business that’s efficient, you want to make sure it’s a boiler that has the capacity to use a variety of fuel sources.

If you are looking for quality boiler design in Riverina or you want to speak to the experts in boiler design in Sydney, Tru-Steam are here to help. As the world-wide leaders in boiler sales, safety training and servicing, we have built our reputation on providing our customers with superior environmentally efficient energy systems that are built to the highest degree of quality.

Tru-Steam Water Tube Boilers can use any type of fuel including Oil, Gas, Wood, Agricultural Waste and Coal. We understand the importance of being able to change fuel types as fuel prices fluctuate making it more costly in some cases to produce steam.

With the Tru-Steam Fire Tube Boiler the combustion system is also available for alternate or multiple fuels firing such as light oil, heavy oil and gas. Whether you are looking for a boiler design in Sydney that meets your business requirements or you want to talk to a specialist in boiler design in Riverina about your specific needs, Tru-Steam Boilers and Services has you covered. Contact Tru-Steam today to discuss your boiler needs.

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