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TBS is an Australian owned and operated boiler company that specialises in project management, boiler sales, servicing of boilers, steam & condensate management systems and associate steam/energy products. Our boiler services are available across Australia.

Tru-Steam Boilers & Services Pty Ltd is globally recognised as the leader in boiler sales, safety training, and servicing of superior environmentally efficient Energy Systems with the highest degree of quality and integrity. This is achieved through the reliability and dedication of our employees ensuring total customer satisfaction.

We render our valuable service to a number of virtual who’s who in iconic Australian brands. E.g CSR, C.U.B, Cadbury, Visy, Amcor, Casella Wines, Bartter and many more. Apart from that we also service a number of clients in Papua New Guinea E.g Nestle, Spic & Span, Hugo Canning, Coca-cola and many more.


Boiler Installation

TBS is a boilers supplier, we manufacture and provide installation in Australia and the South Pacific.

Service / Maintenance

Our employees are experienced and dedicated, their knowledge will have your system running perfect in no time.

Boiler Design

Our engineers and designers have over 40 years experience and will be able to match your companies needs.

Emergency Support

We provide emergency support to assist our partner in Australia and the South Pacific.


Not sure which boiler is suitable for you? Check out our ‘Choose a boiler’ page.


Water Tube Boilers

The Tru-Steam Water Tube Boilers have an output range from small capacity up to large capacity of saturated superheated steam (implying the temperature is above the Boiling point). The Tru-Steam Water Tube Boilers can use any type of fuel (Oil, Gas, Wood, Agricultural Waste, Coal etc).


Fire Tube Boilers

The Tru-Steam Fire-Tube Boiler is a package steam generating system, factory assembled and tested. It consists of boiler pressure vessel, combustion and water feeding equipment and controls, all coordinated to form an integrated design unsurpassed for safe, quiet and dependable steam generation.


Gas Boilers

Gas boilers are boilers that use gas as their main fuel source. Many businesses prefer to use a gas-powered boiler because as a fuel source it’s cost-efficient. Depending on the gas boiler technology you require, we have a number of options to suit every commercial application. From boilers with a small output range to large capacity units that provide saturated superheated steam, Tru-Steam have Water Tube Boilers to suit every application.


Vertical Boilers

TBS has a small & robust range of Vertical boilers. These boilers are designed especially to cater for a wide variety of fuel. They are equipped with State-of-the-Art Boiler safety and control management systems. Specifically designed for small spaces, the Tru-Steam Vertical Boilers are able to generate enough steam to cater to small commercial applications.


Wood Fired Boilers

Wood fired boilers are boilers that burn wood to use as it’s main source of fuel. Many industries require the use of wood fired boilers during their day to day processes. The lumber industry is just one of many that utilise wood waste boilers as an important part of their operations.


Hot Water Boilers

TBS has a small & robust range of Vertical boilers. These boilers are designed especially to cater for a wide variety of fuel. They are equipped with State-of-the-Art Boiler safety and control management systems.

Boiler Spare Parts

Boiler spare parts for are available for the whole of Australia, all states & major cities; Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC, Brisbane QLD, Adelaide SA, Perth WA, Darwin NT, Canberra ACT. Our boiler spare parts are also available for shipment to PNG (Papua New Guinea), Fiji, Vanuatu & Samoa.

Boiler Service

Periodic Boiler Service – 5 weekly & 3 monthly service

Annual Boiler Inspections – AS/NZ3788

Boiler Repair Services: Tube Repairs, Boiler Repair, Boiler Overhaul, Emergency Boiler Breakdown

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