Wood fired boilers are boilers that burn wood to use as it’s main source of fuel. Many industries require the use of wood fired boilers during their day to day processes. The lumber industry is just one of many that utilise wood waste boilers as an important part of their operations.

Like other boilers, the purpose of a wood fired boiler is to heat water or fluid. The vaporised or heated fluid is then used for a range of things including heating, power-generation, sanitation and much more. The liquid or water does not always need to reach boiling point.

Over the years the quality of the wood fired boilers in Sydney and across the country has improved in leaps and bounds with improvements in construction resulting in more compact and cost-efficient boilers. At Tru-Steam we have a range of boiler units which can be shipped complete with a number of auxiliary components so whether you are looking for wood fired boilers in Riverina or overseas, we can meet your wood fired boiler needs.

Using wood as fuel source

We have a range of fire tube boilers and water tube boilers which can utilise wood as it’s main source of fuel. Not only can they use wood, but if you want to use an alternative or substitute fuel source for a period of time, the Tru-Steam boilers are able to utilise any fuel source or any heat transfer application.

Tru-Steam Boilers are manufactured to ISO9001 procedures and under A.S.M.E stamps.

Our units are built with superior environmentally efficient energy systems in mind that are constructed with the highest degree of quality and integrity possible.

We pride ourselves on being the preferred boiler supplier and service company for a range of iconic Australian brands including but not limited to Arnott’s, C.S.R, Casella Wines and VIP Packaging. Overseas our boilers and maintenance services are also used by Amalpak (PNG), Spic & Span (PNG), Hugo Canning (PNG), Goodman fielder (PNG) & Fosters (FIJI).

Wood Fired Boiler Service

When you purchase a boiler from us, we provide you with our 24 Hour, 7 Day a week professional service, so you can focus on your business without having to worry about downtime. All of our Trained Boiler Appliance Service Technicians have vehicles that are fitted out with mechanical equipment, analysers and computers so that they can perform any repairs necessary in record time.

Each service professional at Tru-Steam has skills as either a Pressure Welder, PLC Programmer, or Licensed Electrician. Some of our staff members also have close to 40 years industry experience behind them.

When you are looking for wood fired boilers in Sydney, you can’t go past Tru-Steam. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders when it comes to industrial boilers. Whether you are looking for wood fired boilers in Riverina or overseas, we are globally recognised as providing the best boilers, servicing and safety training.

Contact us today to find out more about the wood fired boilers we have available. Whether it’s a new boiler you need installed or you require the assistance of a professional to service your current boiler, Tru-Steam are here to help.

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