Re-tube & Refurbish Boilers

Boiler overhauling is something to consider if your boiler has become inefficient or is not working properly. There are a range of different reasons why refurbishing boilers is a necessary process. Often it is because boilers have to perform their duties constantly and are not operated as per the manufactures instructions at all times. Also, when makeshift repairs are made with good intentions, further problems generally arise down the track.

When a trained individual is going to refurbish a boiler or re-tube a boiler, they are assessing the unit and making the necessary repairs to ensure it is operating at full capacity and efficiency once again. Re-tube boilers are fully operational and can be just as effective as brand new units.

Once all of the tubes are removed the inside of the boiler is always thoroughly cleaned and scaled. If the unit is insured, this is when an agent may come out to inspect the unit as they will be able to do so more thoroughly because the tubes aren’t in position.

Used Boiler Refurbishing

Are you in need of a trained professional in boiler refurbishing in Sydney to assess your boiler and make repairs to increase its efficiency and capacity? At Tru-Steam we have a team of fully qualified and experienced electrical and mechanical technicians who can re-tube your boiler if required.

With a presence in all major cities across the country, whether you require boiler refurbishing in Sydney or boiler refurbishing in Riverina, you can contact us and we can have a qualified and trained technician perform the required repairs to get your boiler operating to it’s full capacity in no time.

Just like cars, boilers require regular maintenance checks. With regular maintenance small issues can be identified earlier, thus stopping the problem from progressing in its tracks. Because all of our trained technicians have a van full of equipment and parts if you do call us and a repair needs to be made, we can do it on the spot in most cases so you don’t have to worry about additional down time.

When it comes to our customers we understand that each business has different boiler needs and with that also different conditions around the sale and purchase of boilers as well. That’s why we offer a range of finance options which can be structured differently to suit you. Some of the different finance formats we can offer include:

• Hire Purchase
• Finance Lease
• Rental
• Operating Lease
• Steam Raised Lease
• Second Hand Boilers Currently Available

Finance can be arranged by Tru-Steam Boilers Finance Supplier or you can deal with a third party if you prefer.

Whether you are looking for boiler refurbishing in Riverina or you are interested in finding out more about second hand boilers, contact Tru-Steam for more information. With a range of quality boilers on hand and a number of different finance options available we always ensure that our reputation for customer excellence is upheld.

If you are looking for a re-tube boiler in Sydney Tru-Steam also have a range of second hand boilers that can meet your requirements. Whether it’s a re-tube boiler in Riverina or you need a unit for your business in Sydney we have boilers that are ready to go.

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