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Spray dryers play a huge role in many industries, including the chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and the industrial space. Spray drying refers to a method where dry powder is produced from a liquid as it’s rapidly dried with hot gas. For many materials which are thermally sensitive, spray drying is the preferred method of drying. It provides the benefits of a consistent size in its particle distribution and works with air as the heated drying medium.

Burners for the spray dryer industry

In the food industry, spray dryers are often used for milk powder, coffee, tea, on starch and starch derivatives, and on certain cereals and spices. The pharmaceutical industry largely uses spray drying techniques in the completion stages of antibiotics. The industrial space sees the use of spray drying on ceramic materials and as catalyst supports.

Spray dryers use an atomiser, or spray nozzle, for the purposes of dispersing the liquid. This allows for the resulting flow to be controlled as a drop sized spray. There are a wide range of nozzles available, with the choice of nozzle size and distribution result based on the process needs in relation to the end product and its purpose.

TBS has a wide range of spray dryer burner options and can consult with you to assess the best fit for your company’s specific needs. For most applications, a direct gas burner is suitable, and often also the most economical choice. However, depending on your specific spray drying requirements, it’s also possible for spray dryers to be heated electronically.

Burner Installation, Service & Repairs

Not only will the TBS team ensure you’re equipped with the specific burners you need for your spray drying purposes, but they’ll also remain easily accessible for your ongoing maintenance needs. Should any repairs become necessary throughout the course of the spray dryer’s lifespan, they’ll be able to tend to this efficiently and thoroughly.

Maintenance for Burners

Whatever your industry, and whatever your spray drying purposes, you can rest assured that TBS is equipped with the tools and experience required to ensure a smooth installation and successful outcome. TBS is a proud supplier of burners that work throughout the spray drying industry for maximum results. With a team of experts with decades of experience behind them and Australian-owned values, the company prides themselves on their customer-driven approach and attention to detail. Get in touch today to discuss your spray drying burner needs with their team directly.

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