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TBS is a proud Australian owned and operated supplier of incinerators with service across Australia. Armed with the expertise required to deliver the best outcomes for your incineration needs, no incineration application is too big or too small for our team.

Burners for incinerators

Incineration is a process that combusts the organic substances contained in waste materials before converting the waste into a range of outputs, including ash, flue gas and heat. In our modern day, incineration can be a waste-to-energy technology that sees waste turned into useful energy once more. However, incineration can still take place with no energy or material output.

In Australia, there are many uses for incinerators, although the use of incinerators is still far more widely spread throughout the United States. They’re commonly used on our shores for medical waste, but there’s a large push from many sectors who are eager to explore how the benefits of incineration could lead to a more sustainable waste management system through waste-to-energy programs.

Common uses

Current uses for incineration in Australia include:

  • Incineration of medical waste
  • Incineration of industrial waste
  • Disposal of animal/poultry carcasses
  • Quarantine waste
  • Disposal of secure documents
  • Wood and sawdust disposal
  • Drugs that are no longer in circulation or use

How we can help you

Our team can partner with you to assess your incineration needs and advise on the best incinerator for your needs. Some of the features of our incinerators include…

  • A range of incinerator models available, as well as the ability to custom design incinerator systems tailored to your particular incineration needs
  • Free standing for easy installation
  • Pre-fired to operating temperature once installed, to ensure the incinerator is ready for use
  • Fast installation by a team who are responsive to your needs
  • Environmentally friendly via clean smoke emissions

Burner Installation, Service & Repairs

The ability to recover energy via waste during the waste incineration process should not be overlooked. By capturing waste energy, your company stands to gain invaluable cost reductions via the lowering of their fuel consumption and the increase in the process efficiency. Recent breakthroughs in manufacturing techniques now see incinerators positioned no longer as a threat to the environment as in decades gone by, but as a valuable tool in the harnessing of waste energy and lowering of environmental impact due to industrial activity.

Imagine, for example, you’re running a commercial kitchen with a Biomass incinerator as a heat exhaust source. Instead of that recyclable energy being lost into space, new technologies that have advanced waste heat recovery opportunities mean that the heat exhausted via the kitchen’s Biomass incinerator now could heat the oven, dryer, hot water supply, and so on.

Our team at TBS is well positioned to assist you in analysing your incineration needs and implementing an effective waste-to-energy system that will allow you to kill two birds with one stone.

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