Water Tube Boiler: Everything You Need to Know


You might have heard about water tube boilers and about fire tube boilers, and you might have been left scratching your head. What are the differences? Which one should I select for my project?

Don’t worry; we have you covered. Take a look at our handy guide to water tube boilers and learn everything you need to know.

How Does a Water Tube Boiler Work?

Simply put, water tube boilers burn fuel to create heat energy, which then heats water contained in water tubes to produce steam. The water tubes in Tru Steam’s boiler range are specifically designed to be hardwearing and efficient, and have a large bore. This enables them to create and handle steam at high pressures, which can then be harnessed and used to power machinery.

Water tube boilers are versatile systems, and the nature of their construction means that any fuel source can be used to create the heat. Tru-Steam water tube boilers utilise a simple, 2-drum design, which makes it suitable for a range of different applications.

The simplicity of this design also makes inspection and maintenance routines easy to accomplish. This, in turn, increases the longevity of the boiler.

Why Should I Be Using One?

There are a multitude of reasons why a water tube boiler has the advantage of its fire tube counterpart. As mentioned above, water tube boilers tend to be more versatile, compact, durable, and efficient than a fire tube boiler, and the ability to use a multitude of different fuels in conjunction with the boiler certainly gives it an edge.

But the advantages do not end here.

Water tube boilers have been shown to cause less sediment deposition than fire tube boilers, making maintenance and cleaning far more effective and safeguarding their efficiency for longer. The steam produced by this type of boiler is also at a higher pressure than that which is produced by a fire tube boiler, increasing its capability.

The Tru-Steam Effect

If you need a water tube boiler in Sydney, and you have a very specific project with a detailed set of requirements in mind, Tru-Steam Boilers and Service can assist you. We work closely with our customers to create a bespoke design and system which not only meets their requirements, but surpasses them in every respect.

To get the ball rolling on the design and production of your new boiler, or simply to learn more about the different types of boiler available to you, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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